[Ebook] Handbook of Hazardous Material

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An toàn hóa chất | an toàn lao động | Sự cố tràn dầu | Bộ ứng cứu tràn đổ 25L
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Number Of Pages: 800
Publication Date: 2001-08-28
Sales Rank: 1418279
ISBN / ASIN: 007135171X
EAN: 9780071351713
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Professional
Studio: McGraw-Hill Professional
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Total Reviews:

Book Description:

* An all-new update to the classic hazmat reference book, with several new chapters
* Addresses issues such as International Law and Regulations, Risk Assessment, Biological Effects and Spill Modeling
* New chapters feature information on frequently spilled compounds and list tables of materials

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