[Ebook] International Environmental Standards Handbook


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International Environmental Standards Handbook
By Scott S. Olson

Publisher: CRC
Number Of Pages: 416
Publication Date: 1999-06-23
Sales Rank: 2065983
ISBN / ASIN: 1566702704
EAN: 9781566702706
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: CRC
Studio: CRC
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Book Description:

The International Environmental Standards Handbook provides the necessary historical background to understand the current status of international environmental standards. The practicality of the book is evident in the inclusion of material: copies of available treaties, laws and standards, as well as recommendations for businesses.This book is an important tool for companies that are increasingly impacted by the global market. Today's companies need to know what environmental controls are in effect in various countries and how they impact the ability to compete. Lack of knowledge about - and noncompliance with - international standards results in reduced sales and partnership opportunities as well as liability and possible legal action against the company. This valuable comprehensive desk reference, suitable for the novice and the professional, provides a background in the origin of international environmental concerns and controls; the way in which these concerns manifested themselves in treaties, laws, and standards; how countries differ in current expectation; and, most importantly, the evolving consensus of using a universal quality assurance standard for environmental management. International Environmental Standards Handbook gives a structured method to improve environmental performance. It contains many of the environmental tools and methodologies that environmental managers can use for short-term and long-term business decision making in a global environment.
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