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ECO Vietnam Group cần tuyển TNV cho những dự án năm 2010.
I. About us:
ECO Vietnam Group is a non-profit voluntary organization with the aim to promote voluntary service as well as sustainable community development in Vietnam. ECO Vietnam Group welcomes all international volunteers from different countries, together with local volunteers to help out some rural villages and ethnic groups in Vietnam. ECO Vietnam Group also wants to create platform whereas international volunteers and local volunteers can learn from each other to improve their own skill.

ECO Vietnam Group is focusing on the following program:

- To raise awareness of Environment to volunteers and Youth in Vietnam, promote 3R culture( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) as well as research for green solution/product in daily life

- To promote ECO and responsible travel as well as voluntourism (volunteer + tourism)

- To provide voluntary soft skills training as well as international volunteer exchange/ program management

- To develop Sustainable Community Development program incorporated with long- term goals

I. Volunteers’ position

1. IT and Design Department ( 3 volunteers)

- Take care and develop more functions for website and forum based on the current website of ECO Vietnam Group

- Develop some video clip, flash , leaflet, brochure for the website from the request of Marketing and Communication Department for marketing material

- Customised design for specific activities/project or campaign.

- To be in charge of photography for all events/activities of ECO Vietnam Group.

2. Marketing and Communication Department( 3 volunteers)

- Plan and execute many aspects of marketing: advertising and promotion of the concert, public/media relations, development of marketing materials in English as well as in Vietnamese

- Plan and monitor budget for marketing activities

- Work with It and Design Department for the content of website as well as coming up with solid and creative marketing materials ( brochure, leaflet, video clip,...) for ECO Vietnam Group and specific projects

- To be in charge of fundraising activity for any event that ECO Vietnam Group organizes.

- Writer and Editor for the ECO newspaper as well as activities happening.

3. Research and Development department (2 volunteers)
- R&D for environmental friendly products and solution for community development as well as Earth saving

- R&D for new project sites (Poor Villages and Disadvantaged children centres) that are corresponding to the Environment Activities and Community development.

4. ECO and Green Travel Team (2 volunteers)
- R&D the definition of Green Travel
- R&D tips to become Green Traveller
- Develop Green travel itineraries , corresponding to customised request
- Become tour guide for the Green travel.

- Up to your skill , we will have different position for you corresponding Department
- Be creative and responsible.
- Be able to work as a team as well as individual.
- Have a sense of Environment as well as Community development.

- Working with talent youths from different universities and highschool. Working in creative , active and professional environment
- To be involved in big projects with other foreign organizations in some poor village ( like 2009, project O2 with Nanyang Technological University ‘s students at Gia Bac Village, Di Linh, Lam Dong in two weeks.)
- To be involved in Worth Youth camp and go for some seminar for soft skill and leadership skill training.
- Together with ECO Vietnam Group to introduce Vietnam to youth from other countries
- Play a small part of Earth saving as well as community service.
- Become a main committee in future if working well
- ECO Vietnam Group always gives room for creative idead and mistakes. Mistakes make us better person. ECO Vietnam Group volunteer’s culture is:
Do it + Observe it + Reflect it + Development of new competences

Contact us:

- If you are interested in joining ECO Vietnam Group for meaningful work, please send email to ( temporary email) with this information
1) Full name
2) Date of birth
3) Language:
a. English : Writing and Speaking
b. Other language that you know
4) Experiences in community and volunteer work ( please list them chronological)
5) Which university/Highschool are you from
6) Apply for position:
7) Member of any Group currently:
8) Any special skill (IT skill, dance, sing, guitar, soft skill..)
9) Email and hand phone number
10) And briefly tell us why you want to become volunteer for ECO Vietnam Group.
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