Handbook of Environmental Protection and Enforcement


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Handbook of Environmental Protection and Enforcement: Principles and Practice

Publisher: Earthscan Publications Ltd.
Number Of Pages: 294
Publication Date: 2007-04
Sales Rank: 1282047
ISBN / ASIN: 1844073092
EAN: 9781844073092
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: Earthscan Publications Ltd.
Studio: Earthscan Publications Ltd.

Environmental Enforcement Authorities (EEAs), sometimes called Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs), are the regulatory, monitoring, and enforcement agencies of national, state/provincial and local governments world-wide responsible for implementing, monitoring and enforcing environmental legislation.

This one-of-a-kind, authoritative handbook offers a comprehensive assessment of the principles and best practice of EEAs throughout the world with a focus on Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, East and South-East Asia and various other OECD, transition and developing countries. The book assesses structures, expertise and capacity, financing, permitting, monitoring, inspection, enforcement, and EEA performance and future directions. It provides comparative grids, templates for best practice for creating or improving EEAs, and substantial information for industry on compliance with environmental regulations as well as vital information for professionals, consultants, NGOs, and researchers working at the interface between government EEAs and industry.
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