LangMaster English in Action 4CD


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An toàn hóa chất | an toàn lao động | Sự cố tràn dầu | Bộ ứng cứu tràn đổ 25L
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LangMaster English in Action 4CD

English with WORLD famous personalities!

The English in Action edition focuses on listening and comprehension skills. It uses live videotape recordings of interviews as seen on the British Satellite TV station SKY NEWS. It is real English with nothing added or taken away. Listening to, and studying these interviews is an ideal preparation for listening to radio broadcasts or watching TV programs in English. Listening to English speakers from all walks of life will improve your comprehension and confidence and help you build conversation skills. In the English in Action titles, you will meet a lot of interesting people and find that learning can be both entertaining and didactic. The English in Action Series has already been localized into 12 major languages.

Just imagine that while watching a video in a foreign language you can…

* Read what is being said on screen...
* Stop and analyze any phrase or new word...
* Listen to each word or phrase over and over again...
* Record your voice and then compare it to the original word or phrase ...
* Listen to the phrase, write it down, and let the computer correct your spelling...

You will listen to and learn a language as it is really spoken by your favorite film star, by famous writers and politicians, or by leading businessmen and pop stars. You can listen to and watch e.g. Jackie Collins discussing her latest novel, Bill Clinton expressing his vision for the future, Peter Sutherland debating business strategy, Kim Basinger talking about her life or even Bill Gates speaking about interactive multimedia.

The latest member of the English in Action Series family is The ROYAL FAMILY. Learn English from the members of the British Royal Family – Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Diana Princess of Wales. Learn about important events and experiences of their lives, like for example Trooping the Colour, Royal Garter Procession and Queen Mother's Birthday.