Macroengineering An Environmental Restoration Management Process


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ISBN: 0849392020
Title: Macroengineering An Environmental Restoration Management Process
Author: John Darabaris
Publisher: CRC
Publication Date: 2006-04-18
Number Of Pages: 232

Book Description

Macroengineering: An Environmental Restoration Management Process provides a comprehensive understanding of all the technical, cost, and regulatory issues that an environmental project manager would potentially face on a large scale environmental restoration project. The author addresses unique technical issues encountered during DOD and DOE environmental cleanup efforts, such as radionuclide contamination, unexploded ordinance, heavy metals, and other common contaminants. Referencing the most recent regulations and practices in environmental cleanup projects, the book also includes useful charts and tables and serves both as a classroom text and a professional reference.

Table of Contents

Ch. 1 Macroengineering as an integrated environmental restoration management process 1
Ch. 2 Preparation of a preconceptual engineering baseline study 9
Ch. 3 Macroengineering technical approaches 21
Ch. 4 Assessing innovative techniques and innovative technologies 45
Ch. 5 Site characterization 61
Ch. 6 Discussion on mobile laboratory requirements 83
Ch. 7 Regulatory strategy 101
Ch. 8 Establishing cleanup objectives and natural resource damages 133
Ch. 9 Risk assessment and emergency response analysis 155
Ch. 10 Establishing project hazards and safety control measures 173
Ch. 11 Cost, productivity, and scheduling issues 189
Ch. 12 Summary 203
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