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Tên đầy đủ: CDM PDD Guidebook-Navigating the pitfalls
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Table of Contents


2 The CDM Project Development and Validation Process

3 Overview of Key Pitfalls

4 Pitfall Descriptions

Pitfall 1: Small-scale selected for a large project

Pitfall 2: Project participants not identified clearly

Pitfall 3: Evidence of EIA and/or required construction/operating permits/approvals not provided

Pitfall 4: Letter of approval insufficient or delayed

Pitfall 5: No written confirmation that funding will not result in a diversion of
development official assistance

Pitfall 6: The modalities of communication with the Executive Board in terms of CERs issuance and allocation instructions not stated clearly,
or signed by all project participants

Pitfall 7: Insufficient description of the technology

Pitfall 8: Non-compliance with the applicability conditions of the applied baseline methodology or methodology compliance not explained sufficiently.

Pitfall 9: Insufficient explanation of baseline scenarios

Pitfall 10: Insufficient explanation of project additionality

Pitfall 11: Baseline information not sufficiently supported by evidence and/or
referenced sufficiently

Pitfall 12: Major risks to the baseline and project activity not identified/described

Pitfall 13: Lack of logic and consistency in the PDD

Pitfall 14: The project boundaries not defined clearly

Pitfall 15: Project and/or crediting start date unclear

Pitfall 16: Deviations from monitoring methodology not justified sufficiently

Pitfall 17: Monitoring and project management procedures not defined

Pitfall 18: Deviations from selected calculation methodology not justified sufficiently or incorrect formulas applied

Pitfall 19: Compliance with legal requirements not covered sufficiently

Pitfall 20: Insufficient information on the stakeholder consultation process

5 Guide to Completing the PDD


Appendix - Sources for further assistance
Appendix 2 - URC Publications
Appendix 3 - Abbreviations
Appendix 4 - Glossary

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Cây cổ thụ
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