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Fundamentals of Air Pollution (3rd ed.).


Tác giả: BOUBEL, Richard William, and Donald L. FOX, D. Bruce TURNER, Arthur C. STERN (1994)

website tác giả: San Diego, CA: Academic Press. An imprint of Elsevier.

Mô tả: The authors of this book include a chemist (Donald L. Fox), a meteorologist(D. Bruce Turner), and a mechanical engineer (Richard W. Boubel). This 1:l:l ratio has some relevance in that it approximates the ratio of those professionally involved in the field of air pollution. In the environmental protection and management field, the experience of the recent past has been that physicists and electrical engineers have been most attracted to the radiation, nuclear, and noise areas; biologists and civil engineers to the aquatic and solid waste areas; chemists, meteorologists, and chemical and mechanical engneers to the area of air pollution and its control. These remarks are not intended to exclude all others from the party (or from this course). The control of air pollution requires the combined efforts of all the professions mentioned, in addition to the input of physicians, lawyers, and social scientists. However, the professional mix of the authors, and their expectation of a not-too-dissimilar mix of students using this book, forewarns the tenor of its contents and presentation. Although this book consists of six parts and three authors, it is not to be considered six short books put together back-to-back to make one large one. By and large, the several parts are the work of more than one author. Obviously, the meteorologist member of the author team is principally
responsible for the part of the book concerned with the meteorology of air pollution, the chemist author for the chapters on chemistry, and the engineer
author for those on engineering. However, as you will see, no chapters are signed, and all authors accept responsibility for the strengths and weaknesses
of the chapters and for the book as a whole.

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