Physical-Chemical Treatment of Water and Wastewater


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Thu Duc
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Physical-Chemical Treatment of Water and Wastewater covers the physical unit operations and unit processes utilized in the treatment of water and wastewater. Its organization is designed to match the major processes, and its approach is mathematical. The authors stress the description and derivation of processes and process parameters in mathematical terms, which can then be generalized into diverse empirical situations. Each chapter includes design equations, definitions of symbols, a glossary of terms, and numerous worked examples. The text includes nearly 700 end-of-chapter problems and an instructor's manual is available.

Covers material based on the latest CWA and SDWA requirements. Covers the physical unit operations and unit processes utilized in the treatment of water and wastewater.

Table of Contents

Background Prerequisites 1
Pt. I Characteristics of Water and Wastewater 73
Ch. 1 Quantity of Water and Wastewater 75
Ch. 2 Constituents of Water and Wastewater 125
Pt. II Unit Operations of Water and Wastewater Treatment 179
Ch. 3 Flow Measurements and Flow and Quality Equalizations 181
Ch. 4 Pumping 211
Ch. 5 Screening, Settling, and Flotation 243
Ch. 6 Mixing and Flocculation 293
Ch. 7 Conventional Filtration 327
Ch. 8 Advanced Filtration and Carbon Adsorption 373
Ch. 9 Aeration, Absorption, and Stripping 419
Pt. III Unit Processes of Water and Wastewater Treatment 465
Ch. 10 Water Softening 467
Ch. 11 Water Stabilization 513
Ch. 12 Coagulation 545
Ch. 13 Removal of Iron and Manganese by Chemical Precipitation 593
Ch. 14 Removal of Phosphorus by Chemical Precipitation 627
Ch. 15 Removal of Nitrogen by Nitrification-Denitrification 659
Ch. 16 Ion Exchange 719
Ch. 17 Disinfection 739
Appendices and Index 789
App. 1 Density and Viscosity of Water 791
App. 2 Atomic Masses of the Elements Based on C-12 793
App. 3 Saturation Values of Dissolved Oxygen Exposed to Saturated Atmosphere at One Atmosphere Pressure at Given Temperatures 797
App. 4 SDWA Acronyms 799
App. 5 Sample Drinking Water VOCs 801
App. 6 Sample Drinking Water SOCs and IOCs 803
App. 7 Secondary MCLs for a Number of Substances 805
App. 8 Some Primary Drinking-Water Criteria 807
App. 9 Some Secondary Drinking-Water Criteria 809
App. 10 Physical Constants 811
App. 11 Conversion Factors 813
Index 815


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