Plant Responses to Air Pollution and Global Change


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Plant Responses to Air Pollution and Global Change

Publisher: Springer
Number Of Pages: 304
Publication Date: 2006-07-25
Sales Rank: 1762108
ISBN / ASIN: 4431310134
EAN: 9784431310136
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: Springer
Studio: Springer
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Book Description:

The main impetus for climate change is the elevated concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide and air pollutants arise largely from the same industrial sources and are diffused throughout the world, so that air pollution is also part of global change. The impacts on plants have complex interrelationships and lead to changes in land cover and atmospheric and soil environments. Plant metabolism of CO2 and air pollutants and gas fluxes in plant ecosystems influence global gas cycles as well. This book includes current topics on plant metabolism of air pollutants and elevated CO2, responses of whole plants and plant ecosystems, genetics and molecular biology for functioning improvement, experimental ecosystems and climate change research, global carbon-cycle monitoring in plant ecosystems, and other important issues. The authors, conducting research in Europe, the United States, Australia, and East Asia, present a wealth of information on their work in the field.

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