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A Letter Written In the Year 2070
This Document was first published in the Magazine “Crónica de los Tiempos” in April 2002.
We are in the Year 2070
I’ve just turned 50 but my appearance is of an 85 year old person. I have serious kidney problems because I drink to little water. I believe that I’ve little time left.
Today I’m one of the oldest persons in our society!!
I remember when I was 5 years old.
Everything was different.
There were many trees in the parks, the houses had nice gardens and I was able to enjoy a bath or take a long shower.
Today we use hygienic tissues humidified in mineral oil to clean our skin!
In the past women showed their beautiful hair.
Today we have to shave our heads to keep them clean without the use of water.
Back then my father washed his car with the water which came out of the water house.
Today the children cant believe that water ever was used in such a way.
I remember that there were many Announcements that said:
Only that nobody cared; everybody thought that water would never finish.
Today all the rivers, dams, lakes and other water sources are irreversibly contaminated or used up.
Huge deserts replace the landscape which is all around of us.
Gastrointestinal infections, skin diseases and diseases of the urinary evacuation system are the main causes of death.
The industry is paralyzed and unemployment is dramatic. The desalination factories are the main source of employment and they pay you with potable water instead of wage.
The assaults for a can of water are common in the deserted streets. The food is 80% synthetic.
In the past the ideal amount of water as indicated to drink was eight glasses per day for an *************** person. Today I only can drink half a glass.
The clothes are wear and tear, which increases the amount of trash; we had to return to old fashioned wells and septic tanks like in the last century because the networks of sewers cannot be used due to the lack of water.
The appearance of the population is horrible; bodies become weak, wrinkled by the dehydration, plenty of sores in the skin by the ultra-violet rays that do not have the ozone layer that filtered them in the atmosphere.
Because of the dryness of the skin a young person of 20 years appears to be 40.
The scientists investigate, but there is no possible solution.
Water cannot be made; oxygen also is degraded by lack of trees. This degradation of oxygen has diminished the intellectual coefficient of the new generations.
The morphology of sperm of many individuals was altered. As a consequence many children are born with insufficiencies, mutations and deformations.
The government even makes us pay for the air we breathe, 137 m3 per day by *************** inhabitant.
The people who cannot pay are excluded from the “ventilated zones”, that are equipped with gigantic mechanical lungs that work with solar energy. They are not of good quality, but it is possible to breathe.
The average age of humans is 35 years.
In some countries some vegetation spots with their respective river are left and are strongly watched over by the army.
The water became a very coveted treasure, more than gold or diamonds.
Here however, there are no trees because it almost never rains, and when a precipitation gets registered, it is of acid rain.
The years seasons severely are transformed by atomic testing and from the polluting industries of the 20th century.
It was strongly advised then to watch the environment but nobody followed that advice.
When my daughter asks me to tell her how it was when I was young, I describe the beauty of the forests.
I speak to her of rain, the flowers, of how pleasant it was to take a bath and be able to fish in the rivers and the lakes, to drink all the water that you wanted.
And about how healthy people were then.
She asks me:
- Dad! Why isnt there any more water?
Thats when I feel this node in my throat grow
I cannot but feel guilty, because I belong to the generation that ended up destroying the environment or simply did not take into account all those many warnings.
Now our children are paying a very high price
Sincerely I believe that life on Earth within very little will no longer be possible because the destruction of the environment arrived at an irreversible point.
Oh, how much I would like to return back and to make that all the humanity had understood that…
… when still we could have done something to save our planet Earth!
With this post I want to wake up YOUR consciousness about the situation of our worlds resources.
This is not a game! Today this is our reality. So, do something for your children, if you dont have any children jet, maybe some day you will. Dont leave them to disaster Inherit life.
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