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Top 10 tips to reduce climate change

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Top 10 tips to reduce climate change

1. Insulate your loft – Every building in the UK should have good loft insulation. Why not use a natural alternative to Rockwool such as Thermafleece or Warmcell.
2. Cooking pans – Using tiered pans means cooking more efficiently. Switch off electric hot plates or ovens 5 mins before cooking is completed it takes a while for the elements to cool.
3. Food miles - Buying locally sourced food saves transport and supports the local economy. We estimate that 1kg of food transported 1000 km will produce about 0.3-0.8kg CO2 . Ready meals are the worst with many ingredients travelling great distances.
4. Low energy appliances—Fridge's and freezers over 15 years old should be replaced due to their CFC risk. ‘A’ rated appliances typically run on less than 50% of the energy of conventional non-rated ppliances—look
for the label.
5. Public transport - Travel by bus or train or use park and ride.
6. Healthy Breakfast Option – don’t just offer a cooked main meal consider a local or fresh fruit alternative.
7. Use your legs - Walk or cycle where you might otherwise drive, such as a trip to the local shops. It’s not just the environment that will benefit!
8. Lighting - low energy bulbs use 75% less energy than conventional
bulbs. And last up to 12 times longer.
9. Offset your carbon - Work out your emissions and offset them through trees4africa.org
10. Don’t Fill it up - Only boil as much water as you need—saving energy and water.